Full face mask respirator UNIX 5100 (silicone face part) with the use of appropriate filters, protects the respiratory system against harmful substances in the form of aerosol – dust, fume, mist and/or in the form of vapours and gases and/or both of these forms. They are characterized by low resistance to breathing and a long storage period.

The characteristics of masks:

  • A wide field of vision lens will be made quickly and reliably with the use of a bayonet connectors,
  • the masks are made of high-strength plastics,  silicone resistant to harmful substances and adverse weather conditions.
  • Masks are effective in all climate zones, at an ambient temperature of -40 to + 40C and relative humidity up to 98%.
  • Inner pack prevents constipation and reduces the content of carbon dioxide under the hood.
  • The double seal of the face part allows users with different proportions of the face to use a universal size mask,.
  • The self-tightening buckles of the 5-point head adjust the bonnet, allowing it to be adjusted and secured directly on the user’s head.
  • The masks meet the European standard EN 136: 1998 + AC: 2003 (class 2)