Specialised gloves

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rękawice neopren


Ideal for use in low temperatures – neoprene maintains its superb elasticity even at low temperatures. Neoprene formula. It protects against a wide range of acids, alcohols and solvents. Outstanding flexibility. Much less tiring to the hands than other heavy-duty gloves.


Neoprene and latex blend offers guaranteed protection against a wide range of chemicals. Double dipped for double protection. Very strong protection against salts and detergents. Heavy gloves without any additional stiffeners, with embossed lozenge finish. They help reduce the risk of skin irritation.


100% natural rubber provides excellent touch sensitivity with the best tensile strength. Flocked lining of pure cotton is soft, it does not irritate the skin and is extremely comfortable. Special treatment to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.


Available in multiple lengths, thicknesses, sizes and with various linings, Sol-Vex® nitrile glove form Ansell has been designed to ensure optimum performance in wet and dry environments where chemical resistance is critical. Antistatic, according to EN 1149.